Creamcolored Woodpecker

I his species is unmistakable for its pale, creamy-vellow color and its short, tapering, bushy crest, which is permanently raised and makes the bird seem large-headed. It is a rather uncommon bird. Habitats include moist forests of four main types: seasonally flooded forests; swampy forests; swampy secondary forests (where trees have rcgrown after clearance); and riverside forests in grassland regions. It specializes in feeding on tree ants, breaking open their thin, papery nests, and leaving the hard, mud nests of tree-termites. Feeding mainly in the middle levels of forest vegetation, it also takes other insects from trees and branches, and some fruit. Several birds call in a group, uttering a loud "wheyah" call, usually repeated several times. There is also a "pueer" call which is repeated four times, the final two notes being shorter and falling in pitch • NEST Unknown; probably a hole in a tree, excavated bv the birds.

• Distribution South

America east of the Andes, from Colombia and the Guianas south to Peru, distribution -1 Bolivia, and E. Brazil.

Species Dryocopus piteatus

Family p,clt,AE

prominent reft crest

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