Common Buzzard

I his stoutly built bird of prcv with broad, bluntly rounded xiings and a wide tail is seen over fields, hills, forest clearings, and forest edges. It soars for hours, slowly searching for prey, or watches from a perch such as a tree or post before swooping down to take any animal from beetle to rabbit size. Small carrion is also taken.

• NliSTA bulky mass of twigs and roots, with a cup-shaped hollow, lined and sited on a tree or a cliff ledge.

• DlSTRIBlITION Breeds in much of Eurasia. Winters as far south as South

Africa, India, and S.E. Asia. • REMARKS Females arc-larger than males. There arc-three color phases (/>. 1.1): pale, dark, and rufous.

Rl lot s pliask

Plumage Sexes alike



Harpía harpyjo

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