Cinnamon Teal

Both scxes of this species have bright blue forewing patches that show suddenly in flight and help the birds to recognize their own kind. The breeding male also has vivid, rufous-red body plumage for use in display. The species inhabits shallow, marshy inland waters and the margins of slow rivers; it feeds by dabbling at the surface for small floating items such as seeds or insect larvae. It breeds in tall marshland vegetation.

• NliST A depression in a pile of vegetation, lined with down and hidden in undergrowth.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds ill W. North America, W. Ontario, Central America, and parts of South

America. Both northern and southern populations migrate


Species Anas cyanoptera

Length 16 in (40 cm)


Migration Mjgram



Species i¡„lacorhynchus membranáceos Length 16'/: in (42 cm)

pint tar patch

fleshy flap hanging from the hill

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