Chestnutrumped Babbler

With its strong feet and powerful legs, this babbler is well adapted to a life of clambering about in the undergrowth of lowland rain forests. Small, active parties sometimes leave the cover of the undergrowth to forage in the middle height of the trees. The principal diet of this species is insects, but it also takes small fruits, when available. Although small, it is a rather noisy bird. Its song consists of a series of ^^^^^^^

strident phrases, often followed by a long, * Pa,c" "f trilling note. The calling bird puffs out its throat, exposing the two hidden patches of bright blue, bare skin situated on the sides of the neck.

blue shin typical crouching posture

globe of dead leaves, placed a little above ground level, in a thick tangle of dead leaves and creepers. Only one example of this bird's nest has ever been reliably recorded. • DIS TRIBUTION Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, and Borneo.

Family TlMAUinAK

Species Carru/ax pecioralis

rufous , collar distribution

short, romi/leel

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