Chestnutnaped Forktail

This species lives beside clear-water streams flowing through rain forest. Here it perches on rocks in mid-stream, running after insects on the rock or darting after them in the air. It is a wary bird, always following the stream-bed when disturbed.

• NEST A deep cup nest, lined .. . with plant fibers, p/nmag( and plastered 0„ ,he with a layer /,reas, of mud to an overhanging surface.

• Distribution Malay

Peninsula, Sumatra, and Borneo.

• REMARK There are seven species of forktail. All are thrushes of fast-flowing mountain streams, living in different parts of Asia. They are all colorfully marked birds with smartly forked tails and are very sure footed on the rocks and in water.

strong forked tail

Plumage Scxcs differ

Migration Non-migrant


Species Mytophonus caeruteus

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