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I" ceding on carrion as well as on live-caught prey, the Crested (¡aracara is a member of the falcon family that is adapted for walking and hunting on the ground. The legs arc long and suited to walking and running in its grassland and scrub habitat. The feet, like those of a falcon, are versatile enough to grasp prey, hold food down, turn objects over, and scratch the ground. I-light is direct, with steady wingbeats, unlike the soaring (light of a falcon, and reveals white patches on the wings and tail. Besides eating carrion, the Crested Caracara catches insects, frogs, reptiles, and weak or injured birds. It also robs the nests of birds and turtles. Its name is derived from its harsh, cackling call.

• NliST A large, untidy structure made of twigs and sticks, and placed either in a tree or on the ground.

• DISTRIBUTION S. USA, and Central and South America to Cape I lorn and the Falkland Islands.


Females larger than males.

shaggy rrest dims

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