I his shrike perches in conspicuous places on bushy hillsides with rocks, in river-valley scrub, and in gardens, typical It hunts low in the undergrowth for "duelling insects and small animals. posture

Pairs sing "duetting" calls all year round.

• NEST A bulky bowl made of twigs and stems, usually in a dense bush.


Parts of southern Africa. JUVENILE

reaching South Africa.

black eye stripe

Female alert, upright pose black eye stripe distribution

Red-backed Shrike

I his predatorlike songbird is seen in bushes and scrub, watching from a vantage point, and swooping on prey. It feeds mainly on insects, sometimes on birds and other small

• NEST a deep cup nest of grass and rootlets, placed in a dense bush.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in Eurasia from S.E. Britain to W. Siberia. Migrates southward, some birds reaching South Africa.

Female alert, upright pose

Plumage Scxcs t|iffcr hi

Migration Mjgrant fam,|i' Laniidak

Species iM„i„s tudovicianus

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