Bluegray Gnatcatcher

A slender bird that forages restlessly for insects in the trees, this species is seen in large numbers upon migration.

• NliST A cup nest made of plant down and spiders' silk.

• Distribution

Much of USA, S. Canada, Mexico, Cuba. Northern populations winter in for balance the south of this range.


Species Cenia celli

short, wrenlike tail

Cetti's Warbler

si/uat MM

strongly mailt feet •

short, wrenlike tail


Cetti's Warbler si/uat MM

A small, s(|tiat warhlcr, this species usually keeps out of sight in rccdhcds and waterside thickets, where it feeds on insects. The song is hricf and explosive.

• NliST A bulky, deep cup nest, made of grass, situated low in waterside vegetation.

• DISTRIBUTION Parts of Europe,

N. Africa, Middle Kast, and C. Asia. Middle Eastern and C. Asian populations migrate to NAY. India.

strongly mailt feet •

Plumage Sexes alike is

Migration partja| migrant


Species sphenoeacus afer

strongly streaked hack


Gape Grass-Warbler

A large warbler, the Cape Grass-Warbler has a streaked pattern of chestnut, black, and bulT for camouflage in its scrubland and savanna habitat. Usually solitary or in pairs, it is shy and secretive, creeping into tangled vegetation when disturbed. It feeds wiry legs in cover, taking insects and spiders, but anil feet often mounts a prominent perch in the early morning, to sun itself or to sing.

• NliST A cup nest made of coarse grass, lined with fine grass, hidden in a grassy tuft.

• DISTRIBUTION Parts of Zimbabwe. Mozambique, and South Africa.

strongly streaked hack


tail worn thin by thorns

Plumage Scxcs alikc

Migration Non.migram

Family gm>|

Species ijHusiriia naevia

streamlined build streaking rounded tail

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