Blackbellied Plover

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A black-and-white plover of the bare tundra, this species has the tapering wings and strong flight of a long-distance migrant. In winter, it is mainly ash-gray and can be identified by the blaek "armpits" on its white underside and by its "thee-oo-wee" call. During winter, it feeds on mudflats whenever the tide is out. Feeding birds walk slowly forward, probing the mud for worms, small shellfish, crustaceans, and other invertebrates.

• NEST A shallow hollow in the ground, sparsely lined with moss and fragments of lichen, on a raised, dry site.

• DlSTRIBt TION Breeds in tundra regions of

N. North America and N. Eurasia. Winters on coasts in most of the world.

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Plumage SeXes alike

Migration Mi),ranI

Species Eudromias morinellus

male in breeding plumage (female is more vivid)

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