Black Redstart

A lover of rocky places, also adapted to urban life, this bird often perches on a rock or wall. I lere it characteristically bobs up and down, with a shiver of its tail, before darting to the ground to pick up an insect.

• NEST A cup nest of plant materials, lined with fine grass, hair, anil feathers, situated in a crevice.

• Distribution Parts of Europe, N. and E. Africa, Middle East. Some southward migration in winter. Female distrihi hon

Plumage gexes (|iffcr


Migration |>artia| mißrant

Family TllRDIDAE

Species (jiiflif/ium leueurum

hill fanned as an alarm signal

White-tailed Robin

A solitary and secretive robin, this bird is most often seen on the ground in thick cover near a forest stream. It feeds on insects, with berries in winter. Some pairs breed high in the I limalayas, wintering at lower altitudes.

• NEST A cup-shaped, domed, or semi-domed nest of rootlets, dead leaves, and moss, on the ground.

• DISTRIBUTION N.E India, S. China, parts of S.E. Asia.

hill fanned as an alarm signal

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