Beach Thickknee

This heavily built shorebird occurs on flat, sandy beaches, especially where mangrove swamps lie close inland. It is also found on coral reefs. By day it is sluggish and inactive, resting in shade or standing in the waves. It feeds at dusk and by night, taking crabs and other crcatures of the shoreline with its powerful bill. Usually seen stalking slowly along the beach, it is reluctant to fly, and prefers to run for safety if alarmed. When it docs fly the large, pale gray wings with white wing bars are an identification feature.

• Nl-ST A hollow scraped by body pressure, located on a beach, often next to driftwood or tidal debris.

• Distribution

Coastlines of much of S.K. Asia and Australasia, from the Malay Peninsula through Indonesia and the Philippines to Australia and New Caledonia.

• wh ite stripe over eye double white wing bar large joints

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