Australian Brush Turkey

This species resembles a lanky gamebird with a long, bare neck, from which folds of wrinkled skin ("neck wattles") hang down. It is a forest dweller, feeding on insects, fruit, and seeds. The male scratches the ground, kicking leaf litter and mold behind him to ^

form a nest mound that gn /uw/ may be several times his height. This material rots and becomes warm, and he tests it with his bill, keeping the temperature constant by adding or removing material.

• Nest The female digs holes in the mound, laying an egg in each one, to be incubated by the heat of decay. The downy chicks hatch, yellow dig their own way out, and cattle of fend for themselves. typical

• Distribution

Plumage Scxcs a|jkc


Migration Non-migrant


Species Ortalisvctula

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