American Robin

In its original wild state, this bird lived purely in woodland, but it has now become a familiar sight in town parks and suburban gardens. It is primarily a ground-feeding bird and is seen pulling up worms, scratching among leaves, and eating insects and snails. Fruit is taken from orchards. The short, melodious song is heard from early spring.


• nest a bulky nest made of twigs, grass, and mud, in a wide variety of situations at any height from ground level to the trectops.

• DISTRIBUTION Canada, USA, Mexico, south to Guatemala.

• REMARK This bird is larger than other "robins" (see glossary, p. 401) and scientifically it is classified simply as a normal-sized thrush.

strong, /topping tegs

• short, little-used wings

• Distribution owlands of S. New Guinea.

dull brown upper plumage for camouflage against the ground


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