African Pygmy Goose

I living on pools and lagoons, this species feeds mainly on water lily seeds. These, as well as other waterplants, insects, and fish, arc taken either by dabbling at the surface or by diving. The bird spends most of its time on the water and uses its short legs for swimming and for perching on floating branches and trees, rather than for walking. In drier areas, birds travel nomadically in search of water. NEST A hole in a tree, termite mound, or cliff, lined with white down.

• Distribution

Africa south of the Sahara, and Madagascar.

Female short, broad

Family anatidak

Species Tadorna tadorna

Length 27 jn (68 Cm) AnaTIDAE


A'rttapm o o rims

Plumage Sexes diffcr


Migration partja| migrant/n<>madie

Plumage Scxcs d|rfcr


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