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Species passmUa Uiaca

rounded head n'/""s marking of eastern plump body

Fox Sparrow


Fox Sparrow

A heavily built bunting with a musical song, this bird feeds in undergrowth on insects and seeds. It sings from an exposed perch, even in winter.

• NliST A cup nest, in a thicket, on the ground or in a shrub.

• Distribution

Breeds in Canada and W. USA. Winters from S.W. Canada Typical to S. USA. Western Form rounded head n'/""s marking of eastern plump body distribution


Species Mclospiza melodía

Northwestern Form

• streaked plumage

tail tip

Eastern Form tail tip

Song Sparrow

Identifiable by the loud, musical phrases of its song, this bird is common in open country with bushy cover and in thickets near streams. It feeds on the ground, taking seeds and invertebrates.

• NEST A cup nest made of grass and stems, on the ground in a thicket, often near a stream.

• DlSTKIB!ITION Breeds in North America from the Arctic Circle to Mexico. Some populations migrate south in winter.

Eastern Form

Northwestern Form

• streaked plumage

Plumage Sexcsa|ikc


Species 7onotriehia alhico/lis

fuie wing • stripes

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