Shearwaters Petrels And Fulmars And People

Procellariid eggs and meat are eaten by people in a number of cultures, including Eskimos and Europeans. Every year


Manx shearwaters migrate over 6,210 miles (10,000 kilometers) every winter on their way to South America. This is an amazing fact in and of itself, but consider how far the oldest known wild bird has flown. A Manx shearwater was tagged in Northern Ireland and identified as an adult (at least five years old) in 1953. It was trapped again in July 2003, making it at least fifty-five years old. Given that this Manx makes an annual migration of 6,210 miles, which means it has flown a minimum of 621,000 miles (1,000,000 kilometers) in its lifetime (fifty roundtrip flights of 12,420 miles [19,984 kilometers]).

several thousand chicks are harvested for their feathers, fat, flesh, oil, and down in New Zealand and Tasmania.

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