Conservation Status

Of the 343 species of Charadriiformes, thirty-four are currently considered Threatened, in danger of extinction, by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Threatened species have been affected by habitat destruction and damage (particularly


Because different species of Charadriiformes gather in large numbers during breeding, migration, or wintering seasons, they are frequently attractive targets for hunters. Many species have been hunted for their meat, feathers, oil, and eggs. Hunting by humans is believed to have resulted in the extinction of at least two Charadriiformes, the Eskimo curlew and the great auk. Hunting continues to contribute to the threatened state of many other charadriiform species.

in wetland areas as well as rivers and streams), pollution, hunting, and other factors. Some species have declined as over-fishing by humans eliminates important seabird prey populations. Finally, certain Charadriiformes species are periodically devastated by large oil spills.

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