Conservation Status

Many falcons have been harmed by habitat loss, poisons, and people who do not like birds of prey. No species in the falcon family are listed as Endangered, but four of them are considered Vulnerable, facing a high risk of extinction. Six other species are listed as Near Threatened, close to becoming threatened, and could be heading for serious trouble.


Birds in the hawk family and in the falcon family have many things in common, including the sharp talons and hooked beaks that all raptors have. Both hawks and falcons catch prey with their feet. But hawks usually kill their prey by squeezing it with their feet, and falcons kill by biting the prey's neck or by landing hard on it. Falcons in general are smaller than hawks and their wings are pointier. Hawks build nests and falcons nest on the ground, on rocky ledges, or in nests built by other birds.

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