Nest boxes are occupied during autumn and winter

The nest boxes you set up should be made of thick wood and placed in shaded sites so that they provide good insulation against both heat and cold and protection for the birds. Many non-migratory birds also use nest boxes to shelter against unpleasant weather and for roosting during autumn and winter. The nest boxes should not be too small or the entrances too narrow, but should be well suited for the birds for which they arc intended.

Before setting up nest boxes one should obtain the permission of the landowner. Aluminium or copper nails should be used to sccurc the nest box as normal nails create a high risk of eye injuries from splinters or damaged chain saws if the trees arc cut by some unwitting person in the future. This is as real a danger in urban areas where tree surgeons may eventually have to remove old trees for safety reasons as it is in a forest where the trees will be harvested for timber.

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