Help birds of prey with artificial nests

Not all birds of prcv nest in hollow trees or will use nest boxes; in fact most build their own nests from twigs. However, one can help to repair nests which have blown over or even create the necessary conditions for new nests to be established. By sawing off branches, it is possible to make a platfor m from planks, lay down some dry branches, and try to create an artificial nest base. In this way forest and woodland owners can promote breeding in many species of birds of prey which are currently under great pressure. In Sweden this has been done for the white tailed eagle, golden eagle, great grey owl, and also the goshawk, steppe buzzard and buzzard, all of which can experience difficulties in finding trees capable of carrying their nests in modern forestry plantations. As mentioned above the same technique is being employed in Scotland by the Forestry Commission and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to provide nest sites for ospreys.

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