The pied flycatcher is a highly energetic hunter of insects. Like other flycatchers, he sits motionless and watches until he spots an insect before flying from his perch to pounce, cat his prey, and return to his immobile state at an appropriate vantage point from where he can spy out more victims. In 1965, to establish what the pied flycatchcr diet consisted of, I pulled apart ten nests from the previous year and found the following insect remains:


Agrioies tinealus, Ampedus balieatus Tortrix viridana Form ica ru fa ]sopoda

Musca domes lica Coccincfla septempunctata Collembola Litmpyris noctiluca Rhyacionia huoliana Odonaia Trichoptera Dermaptera Rl ivssa persuasoria CunuHonidae

From this little investigation it was clear that the flycatcherconsumcs a random assortment of insects including some which are both garden and forest pests.


Click Beetles

Oak Leaf Roller Moth

Wood Ant

Wood Louse

House Fly

Seven Spot Ladybird Springtail

Female Glow Worm Pine Shoot Moth Dragon Fly Caddis Flies' Earwig

Ichncumon Fly Weevil larvae

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