Autumn observations

Towards the end of July the pied flycatchersjoin company with birds of other spccies. such as chaffinches, tits, and warblers, and large flocks are formed. At this time, the residue of spring and summer's territorial aggressiveness comes to an end and singing has already ended by the time the young arc half grown. It is now that they make preparations for the long journey to warmer lands for the winter.

The pied flycatcher migrates to tropical West Africa. Few ringing recoveries have come from their wintering areas but those for birds on passage reveal that some of the flycatchers which sing outside our nest boxes have passed through Spain and Portugal. Of the 116 cases which I have looked into, 53 involved Portugal, 25 Spain, 19 France, 6 West Germany. 4 Italy, 3 Morocco, 2 Belgium, and I each Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Tunisia.

Migration from the breeding areas takes place in the final weeks of August.

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