Alcdal s nest boxes

This box is made from a hollowed out section of alder trunk, and is produced by Harald Stockheden, Aledals Nyckefabrik, Bankeryd. Sweden.

The roof is fitted with roofing felt. A 5 cm thick piece of wood is taken from the core left over from the hollowing out process; this is nailed to the bottom of the nest box to give extra insulation. The outside of the floor is provided with two staples. A very thick, angled steel filament is threaded through a hole in the floor and bent so that it sits tightly against the floor. This removable floor makes the nest box easy to clean. The back of the box has a strong, coated metal fixture from which it can be hung on a corresponding iron fixture fastened onto the tree. The metal in the tree is quite thick, which ensures that it moves outwards as the tree grows. A thinner piece of metal could easily become encapsulated within the trunk with the possibility of it causing serious damage during subsequent felling and cutting operations.

This nest box comcs in models for small birds, starlings, and owls/wild ducks. The nuthatch is particularly keen on the starling model, which has an internal depth of 23 cm and a cavity diameter of 11.5 cm. The roof is 2.5 cm thick, the floor 5 cm thick, the total length 40 cm, and the entrance hole diameter 4.6 cm. The corresponding measurements for the small bird or til model arc 15,9, 2.5, 5, 30.7, and 3.5 cm, respectively, while those for the owl < duck model arc 35, 19,2.5, 5, 60, and 11 cm, respectively. According to the manufacturer, goldeneyc, tawny owl. and Tengmalm's owl have all bred in this latter model, and on a few occasions even goosanders.

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