To Ornithology the Diversity of Modern Birds Fossils and the Avian Tree of Life

4 Progress and Obstacles in the Phylogenetics of Modern Birds, 117

Bradley C. Livezey

5 The Utility of Fossil Taxa and the Evolution of Modern Birds: Commentary and Analysis, 146 Gareth Dyke and Eoin Gardiner

6 Penguins Past, Present, and Future: Trends in the Evolution of the Sphenisciformes, 155

Daniel T. Ksepka and Tatsuro Ando

7 Phorusrhacids: the Terror Birds, 187 Herculano Alvarenga, Luis Chiappe, and Sara Bertelli

8 The Pseudo-toothed Birds (Aves, Odontopterygiformes) and their Bearing on the Early Evolution of Modern Birds, 209

Estelle Bourdon

9 Phylogeny and Diversification of Modern Passerines, 235

F. Keith Barker

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