The Evolution of Key Avian Attributes

10 Morphological and Behavioral Correlates of Flapping Flight, 259

Bret W. Tobalske, Douglas R. Warrick, Brandon E. Jackson, and Kenneth P. Dial

11 Evolution of the Avian Brain and Senses, 282

Stig Walsh and Angela Milner

12 Evolving Perceptions on the Antiquity of the Modern Avian Tree, 306 Joseph W. Brown and M. Van Tuinen

13 Major Events in Avian Genome Evolution, 325

Chris L. Organ and Scott V. Edwards vi

14 Bird Evolution Across the K-Pg Boundary and the Basal Neornithine Diversification, 338

Bent E. K. Lindow

15 Functional and Phylogenetic Diversity in Marine and Aquatic Birds, 355

Gary Kaiser


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