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How to Start a Lawn Care Business Summary

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Tree Pipit Anthus trivialis

During 1976-84 Warrilow recorded the Tree Pipit in 56 tetrads in the counties (9 of the total number of tetrads) spread over 15 10-km squares. It was concentrated in three main areas Charnwood Forest, where Bradgate Park, Charnwood Lodge, Ulverscroft, Nowell Wood, Pasture Wood, Martinshaw Wood and Lawn Wood all held small loose colonies east Leicestershire, where Sauvey Castle, Launde Wood and Owston Wood were favoured sites and Rutland, with Burley Wood, Barnsdale Wood, Exton Park, Clipsham Park and Clipsham Quarry being the most important sites. Warrilow estimated a county-wide population of 100 to 150 pairs. Mitcham (1992) found eight occupied tetrads in Rutland (7 of all tetrads), corresponding with the number of pairs in each year, but noted that the birds disappeared as young conifer plantations matured.

Amarican Goose Breeds

Emperor Goose Foni

The most widespread goose in N. America. Note black head and neck, or stocking, that contrasts with pale breast and white chin strap. Flocks travel in strings or in Vs, honking loudly. Substantial variation in size and neck length exists among populations. voice Deep, musical honking or barking, ka-ronk or ka-lunk. Small subspecies (and Cackling Goose) have higher-pitched calls. similar species Cackling Goose. habitat Lakes, ponds, bays, marshes, fields. Resident in many-areas, frequenting parks, lawns, golf courses.

Nutcracker Spotted Nutcracker Nucifraga caryocatactes

During the second week of September 1948, one was seen by D. O. Thomas as it visited the rectory lawn at Stathern on three successive days, whilst another was found by A. B. Ritchie at Beacon Hill on September 8th 1968, where it remained until the 15th (BB 63 370). The 1948 bird was the only one to be seen in Britain that year and was in fact the sole record of this species in the country between 1946 and 1951. The 1968 individual, however, was part of a remarkable invasion into Britain which began in August and involved at least 340 birds of the slender-billed race N. c. macrorhynchos. The majority of reports came from East Anglia and Kent although 13 birds reached the Midlands other counties to record the Nutcracker during this spectactular irruption included Staffordshire, Northamptonshire and Shropshire (Hollyer 1970).

Icterids Blackbirds

A common and familiar blackbird in w. N. America. Male All black, with whitish eye in good light, purplish reflections may be seen on head and neck, with some greenish reflections on body. Female Brownish gray, with dark eye. voice Song a harsh, wheezy, creaking ksh-eee. Call chack. similar species Breeding male Rusty Blackbird flatter black with dull greenish head reflections (hard to see) bill slightly longer. Female Rusty has light eye. Unlike Rusty (both sexes), adult Brewer's remain in same plumage year-round and do not acquire a rusty look in fall and winter. See also Brown-headed Cowbird. habitat Fields, mountain meadows, prairies, farms, feedlots, towns, parks, lawns, shopping malls, parking lots. 7' 2 in. (19 cm). A rather small blackbird with short,.sparrowlike biU. Male Black with brown head (may appear all black in poor light). Female Gray-brown with lighter throat note short finchlike bill. Juvenile Paler than female. Buffy gray, with soft breast streaking...

Alaska And Arctic Nesters And Vagrants

Aguila Cazando

A very familiar bird often seen on lawns, with an erect stance, giving short runs then pauses. Recognized by dark gray back and brick red breast. Dark stripes on white throat. On male, head and tail blackish, underparts solid, deep reddish those colors duller on female. Juvenile Has speckled breast, but rusty wash identifies it. voice Song a clear caroling short phrases, rising and falling, often prolonged. Calls tyeep and tut-tut-tut. similar species Varied Thrush (in West), Clay-colored and Rufous-backed robins (both rare). habitat Wide variety of habitats, including towns, parks, lawns, farmland, shade trees, many types of forests and woodlands in winter, also berry-producing trees.

Pcky IMountain National Park Colorado

Endovalley, beyond the Fall River Entrance Station and Horseshoe Park, contains a wide variety of montane habitats it represents a microcosm of the park's lower elevations. Harold Holt and Jim Lane, in A Birder's Guide to Colorado, write that this area is the park's best birding locality, and they recommend walking the roadside beyond the bridge. That area contains a mixed grove of ponderosa pines, Douglas fir, and aspens it also includes a narrow lake and meandering stream, at the base of a huge alluvial fan, the result of the 1982 Lawn Lake Dam rupture and flood.


There has, however, been destructive development extensive use of concrete and the construction of environmentally sterile tower blocks the sealing of roofs and eaves which formerly provided breeding sites for Common Swifts, House Sparrows and other birds and the tidying up of 'waste ground' which in fact often supports a surprising variety of life. Unsurprisingly, there is evidence that urbanisation reduces avian diversity and may contribute to taxonomic homogenisation (that is, a decline in species diversity and potentially also of the gene pool within species) by decreasing the abundance of ground-nesting species and those which prefer scrub habitats (Clergeau et al. 2006). The current tendencies to replace front lawns with hard standing for cars, and to plant non-native shrubs, are also having a detrimental effect. Recent research (Chamberlain et al. 2009) has suggested that in urban habitats food provided by man may improve adult condition during winter, leading to earlier laying...

Turdus migratorius

American robins and people The American robin is a very common and easily recognized bird, often seen pulling earthworms up from lawns and gardens. It is significant to North American people as a popular sign of spring, and was once hunted for meat in the southern United States.

I1istkiiu Tion

I he bold, pure black plumage of tlie male - made all the more vivid by his contrasting orange bill and eye ring - make this bird a very familiar garden species. In the European part of its range, it frequently feeds on lawns. In the east, it is a bird of forest borders and scrub. Everywhere, it feeds chiefly on the ground, scratching and turning leaves to find invertebrates, sometimes taking fruit. The male utters his musical and varied song from a high vantage point.

Birds And People

The sight of a badger in a garden would provoke cries of excitement, but if a crow lands on the lawn, nobody bats an eyelid. So it might seem that birds have coped well with the changes that humans have inflicted on the world. They have adapted to life in our cities and learned to find food in gardens, farms, and rubbish dumps. But the picture is misleading. For every urban survivor, many species are struggling as their habitats disappear forever.

Open Field Birds

Male Similar to Red winged Blackbird, but shoulder patch darker red, with conspicuous white margin. (Note Some male Red-wingeds have whitish margins as well.) Overall plumage slightly glossier. Female Darker than most races of Red-winged, particularly- on belly, and never shows pinkish on throat, but difficult to identify. See voice. Highly gregarious. Nests in dense colonies often numbering in the hundreds or thousands, whereas Red-winged is territorial. In nonbreeding season, may segregate by sex. voice More nasal than Red-winged on-ke-kaangh. A nasal kemp. similar species Red-winged Blackbird. habitat Nests in cattail or tule marshes forages in fields, farms, feedlots, park lawns.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

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