Hawk, red tailed. See Red tailed hawk.


CT transverse view of blue and gold macaw, 142f-145f of great horned owl, 268f-270f of mallard duck, 221f-224f of Moluccan cockatoo, 176f-178f of sulphur-crested cockatoo, 152f, 153f

Head (Continued)

laterolateral and ventrodorsal studies, 4, 5f, 6f laterolateral view of blue and gold macaw, 128f of great horned owl, 252f of mallard duck, 206f of Moluccan cockatoo, 164f of orange-winged Amazon parrot, 80f of pigeon, 182f of red tailed hawk, 230f oblique view of orange-winged Amazon parrot, 81f ventrodorsal view of blue and gold macaw, 129f of great horned owl, 253f of mallard duck, 207f of Moluccan cockatoo, 165f of orange-winged Amazon parrot, 82f-83f of pigeon, 183f of red tailed hawk, 231f

Heart. See Viscera.

Humerus. See Skeleton, whole body; Wing.

Hyperalimentation preparations, 9

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