Significance to humans

The species that lead people to honey sources help humans secure a treasured food. Because of that famous role, hon-eyguides have found their way into African folklore. A typical honeyguide tale cautions thoughtfulness and fair reciprocation, based on the human custom of leaving chunks of comb for a honeyguide as reward for its help. In such a tale, a human refuses to pay the honeyguide his fee and reaps dire consequences.

1. Lyre-tailed honeyguide (Melichneutes robustus); 2. Malaysian honeyguide (Indicator archipelagicus); 3. Scaly-throated honeyguide (Indicator var-iegatus); 4. Spotted honeyguide (Indicator maculatus); 5. Yellow-rumped honeyguide (Indicator xanthonotus); 6. Greater honeyguide (Indicator indicator). (Illustration by Wendy Baker)

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