Rock thrush

Monticola saxatilis


Monticola saxatilis Linnaeus, 1776. OTHER COMMON NAMES

English: Rufous-tailed rock thrush, European rock-thrush; French: Merle de roche; German: Steinrotel; Spanish: Roquero Rojo.


7.3 in (18.5 cm); male 1.4-2.3 oz (40-65 g); female 1.5-2.3 oz (42-65 g). Gray head, upperparts, and throat with dull orange breast to undertail. Grayish bill and legs.


Locally from Iberia and Morocco, eastwards through southern Europe, Turkey, and Iran to central Asia; winters in Africa.


Sunny, dry, stony, or rocky slopes, upland meadows, and pastures with scattered bushes, barren stony hillsides; winters in wooded savanna.


Pairs or family groups, mostly terrestrial or perching on low trees or bushes; hops over ground, stands upright like a wheatear, wags tail; mostly shy and solitary.

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