Lyrebirds are ground dwellers, though they rest off the ground during the day (several hours a day are spent in preening), and they roost high in the trees. They occur mainly in dense subtropical and temperate rainforest and wet sclero-phyll forest, but superb lyrebirds extend into dry sclerophyll forest and even woodland where there is sufficient shrub growth to provide reasonable cover, but with areas of open ground for foraging.

Lyrebird nests are mostly built on the ground or on ledges of cliffs or large boulders, rarely in trees. Lyrebirds are poor flyers and nests are usually sited so that the female can glide downwards away from the nest if danger threatens.

Habitat requirements are trees in which to roost, sufficient vegetative cover to screen them from aerial and ground predators, an accessible year-round supply of invertebrate fauna for food in the leaf litter and surface soil, and suitable nesting sites.

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