Feeding ecology and diet

So reclusive are their lifestyles that little has been reported about the diet of most puffbirds. It seems that all are predominantly insectivorous, with at least the swallow-winged puffbird being entirely so. Most species take other arthropods, and several have been reported to eat lizards, small snakes, and frogs. Some puffbirds take advantage of marauding troops of primates or oropendolas, following them through the forest and pursuing prey that is forced to flee, drop, or otherwise abandon camouflage. For the same reason, some species also attend ant swarms, and nunbirds are often noted accompanying mixed-species flocks of birds passing through the canopy or mid-levels, although this latter tactic is probably adopted as much to reduce predation pressure as to increase foraging efficiency.

The importance of vegetable matter in puffbird diets is low, but some species have been reported taking fruit, berries, and buds. Fruit consumption seems greatest in higher-altitude species such as the lanceolated monklet (Mi-cromonacha lanceolata) and white-faced nunbird.

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