Conservation status

Of the 61 species, the kinglet calyptura (Calyptura cristata) is considered Critically Endangered, 4 species are considered Endangered (Iodopleura pipra, Cotinga maculata, Xipholena atropurpurea, and Carpodectes antoniae), 10 are considered Vulnerable (Laniisoma elegans, Tijuca condita, Carpornis melanocephalus, Doliornis remseni, Lipaugus uropygialis, L. lan-ioides, Cotinga ridgwayi, Cephalopterus glabricollis, C. penduliger, and Procnias tricarunculata), and 5 are considered Near Threatened. This makes nearly one-third of the species of real or potential conservation concern.

Habitat destruction is the main threat to cotingas. Of the 20 species that are of potential conservation concern, 12 are from the Brazilian coastal Atlantic forests, which suffer extensively from forest fragmentation. Of the remaining species, four are from the Andes, and four are from Middle America, both areas which also suffer forest fragmentation.

Once thought to be extinct, the kinglet calyptura caused great excitment among birdwatchers when it was spotted by

Brazilian bird expert Ricardo Parrini in Rio de Janeiro on October 27, 1996. The first sighting of this tiny creature in over 100 years, the find was documented in a 2001 edition of Cotinga magazine.

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