Little is known about broadbill mating systems and general behavior. Most species appear to be monogamous. However, the frugivores (Calyptomena, Pseudocalyptomena) may be polygynous as they appear to form leks. Territoriality is another area that requires more research. Most broadbills join single or mixed species flocks, but it is still unclear if they remain in, or always return to, the same territory. There is evidence, however, that Calyptomena ranges over wide areas in search of fruit.

Broadbills perform a variety of displays that may be related to territory maintenance or courtship. The best-described species are the Smithornis broadbills, which make characteristic elliptical flights, and the green broadbill, which has a series of complex displays. The songs are rather uncomplicated, consisting of whistles, trills, dove-like cooing, and variable series of notes described with different qualities, from bubbly to screaming.

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