Timor figbird

Sphecotheres viridis taxonomy

Specoterasic viridis Vieillot, 1816, Australasia = Kupang, Timor. other common names

English: Green figbird; French: Sphecothere figuier; German: Feigenpirol; Spanish: Papahigos de Timor.

physical characteristics

8.7-9.5 in (22-24 cm); 2.4-2.8 oz (75-80 gm), both sexes. A small, slender figbird; males are plain olive ventrally, with gray throat, undertail, and feet. Dark head with rough bare eyeskin colored deep buff but changing to red when excited. Throat to vent greenish yellow.


Endemic to Timor.


Primary and secondary vine and gallery forest, forest edge, woodland, and mangroves.


Solitary to communal, feeding locally through tree crowns in small loose flocks. Calls from exposed position in tree tops: muted, burred, metallic whistled trills.

feeding ecology and diet

Little recorded; observed feeding on small, soft fruit in trees, including figs.

Sphecotheres viridis I Resident

Oriolus sagittatus I Resident reproductive biology

Not known.

conservation status

Widespread and moderately abundant; copes with habitats affected by disturbance.

significance to humans None known. ♦

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