Significance to humans

Vireos and their allies are not of direct importance to humans. It is important that research be undertaken to better understand the biology and habitat needs of the rare and endangered species of vireonids.

Red-eyed vireo (Vireo olivaceus) nest with a cowbird's egg. (Photo by Mary M. Thacher. Photo Researchers, Inc. Reproduced by permission.)

1. Red-eyed vireo (Vireo olivaceus); 2. Bell's vireo (Vireo bellii); 3. Warbling vireo (Vireo gilvus); 4. Rufous-browed peppershrike (Cyclarhis guja-nensis); 5. Lemon-chested greenlet (Hylophilus thoracicus); 6. Slaty-capped shrike-vireo (Vireolanius leucotis); 7. Black-capped vireo (Vireo atri-capillus). (Illustration by Michelle Meneghini)

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