Significance to humans

Some species are accorded pest status as they spread parasitic mistletoes on trees of economic importance. The crested berrypecker is prized as food in the highlands of New Guinea.

1. Fire-breasted flowerpecker (Dicaeum ignipectus); 2. Gray-sided flowerpecker (Dicaeum celebicum); 3. Scarlet-breasted flowerpecker (Prionochilus thoracicus); 4. Red-capped flowerpecker (Dicaeum geelvinkianum); 5. Fan-tailed berrypecker (Melanocharis versteri); 6. Yellow-vented flowerpecker (Dicaeum chrysorrheum); 7. Mistletoebird (Dicaeum hirundinaceum); 8. Plain flowerpecker (Dicaeum concolor); 9. Midget flowerpecker (Dicaeum aeneum); 10. Thick-billed flowerpecker (Dicaeum agile); 11. Scarlet-backed flowerpecker (Dicaeum cruentatum). (Illustration by Bruce Worden)

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