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James David Rising, PhD

Class Aves Order Passeriformes Suborder Passeri (Oscines) Family Fringillidae

Thumbnail description

Small to medium-sized, seed-eating birds with a conical-shaped, pointed beak, a short neck, compact body, and plumage that varies from rather drab to quite colorful, especially in male birds


Body length about 4-10 in (10-25 cm) and weight 0.3-2.1 oz (8-60 g)

Number of genera, species

20 genera; 137 species


Forest, shrubland, grassland, agricultural areas, parks, and gardens

Conservation status

Critically Endangered: 1 species; Endangered: 5 species; Vulnerable: 3 species; Near Threatened: 4 species; Conservation Dependent: 1 species; Data Deficient: 2 species; Extinct: 1 species

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