Pre Davids ground sparrow

Pyrgilauda davidiana

Subfamily none taxonomy

Pyrgilauda davidiana Verreaux, 1871, Suiyuan, Inner Mongolia. Two subspecies occur in disjunct populations.

other common names

English: Père David's snow finch; French: Niverolle du Père David; German: Mongolen Erdsperlin; Spanish: Gorrión de David.

physical characteristics

5-6 in (13-15 cm). A small ground sparrow with upperparts mostly fawn-brown and a black bib. The juvenile is dingier and lacks the black bib.


Separate populations occur in eastern Inner Mongolia and from Mongolia to the Siberian Altai.


High, sparsely vegetated, semi-desert plains at 6,600-15,750 ft (2,000-4,800 m), usually close to water.


A nomadic species, usually in small flocks. Spends much time hidden in animal burrows when not foraging.

feeding ecology and diet

Feeds on grass seeds and insects.

reproductive biology

Breeds in burrows of small mammals. Lays five to six eggs. Both sexes feed the young.

conservation status

Not threatened. Common.

significance to humans None known. ♦

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