Physical characteristics

The penduline tits are small passerines ranging in length from the 3 in (75 mm) tit-hylia (Pholidornis rushiae) to the larger 4.3 in (110 mm) European penduline tit (Remiz pendulinus). Their color and form is quite variable, reflecting the group's diversity. Upper parts range from gray to chestnut, to olive green, and underparts from white to yellow. Some, such as those in the Remiz genus, show distinctive black masks. The African penduline tits (genus Anthroscopus) are similar to leaf warblers (Sylviidae). Tail length is variable; some of the African penduline tits and fire-capped tits (Cephalopyrus flam-miceps) have quite short tails, whereas those of the European penduline tits are relatively long. Perhaps the most constant family feature is the bill, which in most species is conical and sharply pointed.

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