Helmeted myna

Basilornis galeatus subfamily

Sturninae taxonomy

Basilornis galeatus Meyer, 1894. other common names

English: Greater crested myna, greater myna, crested myna, Sula myna, king myna, greater king starling, Sula starling; French: Basilorne huppé; German: Helmatzel; Spanish; Estornino Real Grande.

physical characteristics

9.4-9.8 in (24-25 cm). Sexes similar; a slightly iridescent black bird with pale yellow bill, large white and buff patches on the side of the neck and breast, and feathers of forehead, crown, and nape pointed inward with central ones longer to form a distinct iridescent purple-black crest. Juveniles have a shorter, duller crest, a brown chin, and a dark upper bill.


Banggai east of Sulawesi and the adjacent Sula Islands in the Moluccas.


Favors undisturbed forest; also found in disturbed and cultivated areas and in mangroves.


Usually found in pairs, but also flocks; frequents tall trees. feeding ecology and diet

Only known to take fruit and berries from canopy to mid-levels of trees.

reproductive biology

No information.

conservation status

Near Threatened.

significance to humans None known. ♦

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