The fantail family has representatives in many types of habitats, but most species are found in rainforest, either exclusively or as part of their broader range of habitat preferences. The mangrove fantail, as the name suggests, is restricted to mangroves. In Australia, the rufous fantail is primarily a bird of rainforest and wet sclerophyll forest in the breeding and non-breeding seasons; during migration, individuals may wander into a range of more open habitats, including city centers. The greatest diversity of habitat preferences is that of the willie wagtail. Although it favors open situations, this species occurs in all but the densest rainforest, and seems equally at home in deserts and city parks. Where several species of fantails occupy the same habitat, they favor different elevations in the forest or different parts of the tree. Some, like the sooty thicket-fantail, choose low, dense thickets. The willie wagtail is the most terrestrial species, spending much of its time foraging on the ground.

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