Evolution and systematics

Apart from true flowerpeckers (genera Prionochilus and Dicaeum), the composition and affinities of the Dicaeidae are disputed. On the basis of DNA hybridization studies, no other genera in the family were admitted. However, berrypeckers (genera Melanocharis, Rhamphocharis, Oreocharis and Paramythia) of New Guinea and the eight species of pardalotes, or dia-mondbirds (Pardalotus spp.), found in Australia and Tasmania, are often included within the flowerpecker family. Berrypeckers, included here with flowerpeckers, have simply constructed tongues. The pardalotes differ from the other groups as they lack serrations on the bills and have simple tongues. Other close relatives of flowerpeckers include sunbirds (Nectariniidae) and the white-eyes (Zosteropidae).

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