Conservation status

The IUCN lists five species in the Vireonidae as being at risk due to loss of habitat as a result of agricultural conversion of forest, logging, and other human activities. The Saint Andrew vireo (Vireo caribaeus) of the Caribbean island of Saint Andrew is listed as Critically Endangered. The Choco vireo (Vireo masteri) is known only from a tiny range in Colombia; it is Endangered because of the loss of most of its montane tropical rainforest habitat. The black-capped vireo (Vireo atricapillus) of Mexico and the southern United States is Vulnerable. The Noronha vireo (Vireo gracilirostris) of Brazil and the Blue Mountain vireo (Vireo osburni) of Jamaica are Near Threatened, but they too have suffered large population declines due to the loss and fragmentation of their habitats.

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