Blackwinged myna

Acridotheres melanopterus subfamily

Sturninae taxonomy

Gracula melanoptera Daudin, 1800. other common names

English: Black-winged starling, white-breasted starling; French: Etourneau a ailes noires; German: SchwarzflUgelstar; Spanish: Estornino de Alas Negras.

physical characteristics

8.7-9.4 in (22-24 cm). Sexes alike; a mostly white myna with black wings and tail; bases of primaries are white, showing as a white stripe in the wing of a flying bird; black tail has white-tipped feathers; yellow bill, flesh around eye, and feet. Juvenile has a gray crown, nape, and mantle.


Java, Bali, and Lombok in western Indonesia.


Open country around human habitations and cultivated areas.


Arboreal in some areas, but also spends a lot of time on the ground; roosts communally in trees.

feeding ecology and diet

Diet includes fruit and insects taken from trees, shrubs, and ground.

reproductive biology

A colonial cavity nester naturally nesting in holes among rocks or in trees.

conservation status

Endangered. Capture for the cage bird trade is the most significant cause of this species' decline; pesticide use also considered a problem. May compete with the critically Endangered Bali myna with which it now coexists.

significance to humans

Commonly sold in markets on Java. ♦

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