Bareeyed myna

Streptocitta albertinae subfamily

Sturninae taxonomy

Charitornis albertinae Schlegel, 1866. other common names

English: Sula myna, Schlegel's myna, Sula magpie, Sula starling, Albertina's starling; French: Streptocitte des Sula; German: Sulaatel; Spanish: Estornino de Sula.

physical characteristics

16.5-17.7 in (42-45 cm). A striking black-and-white bird; white body, nape, and crown to the bill; black face, throat, wings, and very long tail; yellow bill and legs. Sexes similar. Juvenile has forehead mottled with dark brown.


Sula Islands, Moluccas; sea level to about 750 ft (228 m). habitat

Cutover and open forest and cultivated areas. behavior

Little known; usually seen alone, in pairs, or in trios; voice descending and a bit like a squeaky gate.

feeding ecology and diet No information.

reproductive biology

No information.

conservation status

Near Threatened, probably due to habitat losses.

significance to humans One found for sale in a market. ♦

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