The toco toucan remains a widespread bird. Its dislike of dense forest has enabled it to escape the fate of many other toucans threatened by destruction of their rainforest home to make way for farmland and villages.The toco toucan is also able to adapt to man-made habitats, such as commercial plantations. But it soon vanishes from those areas where all the large trees have been felled.

% The toco toucan bathes high above ground by splashing its plumage in rainwater-filled hollows of a tree's branch or trunk.

The garish colors and huge bill size of the toco toucan serve to intimidate small birds, so the toucan can raid their nests.

Adult toco toucans make unusually restless parents. A toucan rarely sits on its eggs for more than an hour before letting its mate take over.

Many species of toucan seek A Show off refuge in the canopy of tropical The toco toucan is easy to forests, but the toco toucan spot, even in the treetops. prefers relatively open habitats and is absent from much of the Amazon rainforest, preferring savannah woodland, palm groves, riverside trees and forest edges.

This toucan is fond of coconut and sugar plantations and clearings, and is a familiar sight around villages and farms. It is however; entirely dependent on large trees, as it feeds, sleeps and nests high in the treetops. One of the main limitations on where the toucan can live is the availability of nest sites — the species uses tall, living trees with natural holes just large enough to accommodate it.

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