Bird Orders

Birds make up the class Aves, one of the five main groups of backboned animals (vertebrates). There are around 9,700 species of birds, and closely-related species are grouped together into orders. There are 27 orders - although some experts use fewer or more orders - listed below by common name.

Ostrich (order Struthioniformes) 1 species jjj^ Rheas (order Rheiformes) 2 species

^ Cassowaries and emus (order Casuariiformes) 4 species ^^ Kiwis (order Apterygiformes) 3 species

Penguins (order Sphenisciformes) 17 species Divers (order Gaviiformes) 5 species

^ Grebes (order Podicipediformes) 22 species

Albatrosses and petrels (order Procellariiformes) 108 species ^ Herons and relatives (order Pelecaniformes) 65 species ^ Flamingos (order Phoenicopteriformes) 5 species Waterfowl (order Anseriformes) 149 species f Birds of prey (order Falconiformes) 307 species ^^ Game birds (order Galliformes) 281 species ^ Cranes and relatives (order Gruiformes) 204 species

Waders, gulls, and auks (order Charadriiformes) 343 species Pigeons (order Columbiformes) 309 species Sandgrouse (order Pteroclidiformes) 16 species Parrots (order Psittaciformes) 353 species Cuckoos and turacos (order Cuculiformes) 160 species Owls (order Strigiformes) 205 species

Nightjars and frogmouths (order Caprimulgiformes) 118 species t

^H^ Hummingbirds and swifts (order Apodiformes) 424 species i jf^ Woodpeckers and toucans (order Piciformes) 380 species 0 Passerines (order Passeriformes) over 5,200 species

Mousebirds (order Coliiformes) 6 species Trogons (order Trogoniformes) 35 species Kingfishers and relatives (order Coraciiformes) 191 species

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