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Herbs, Oils, and Other Aphrodisiacs

This eBook guide teaches you everything that you need to know about how to use natural oils and remedies to turn your partner on in a way that you never thought was possible. Natural remedies and herbs give you access to a world of pleasure that you never know was possible, and this eBook goes through almost every type, giving you the ability to use each one of them to the most powerful effect. You will learn the best herbs and oils to choose, how to choose the right plant for you and your partner. You will also learn the tips and tricks to use herbs safely, without endangering anyone in your ever-expanding search for pleasure. All it takes is the eBook guide, and you can use the best sort of love-making supplements every created: the all-natural kind! Read more...

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Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

This ebook served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

The Ape Ass Beaver Bear Boar Camel Dog Elephant

The mandrake is really a plant of the same genus as the belladonna. It has yellow fruit about the size of a plum, with a peculiar sweet taste. The popular tradition, referred to in the Bible, that the mandrake is an aphrodisiac, still survives in Palestine. There is a representation of it on the map of the world in Hereford Cathedral 57a 57b (as mentioned above), with the inscription Mandragora herba mirabiliter virtuosa.

Gulls Terns Relatives And People

In the 1800s, gull and tern feathers, and sometimes even whole birds, were used to decorate women's hats. The eggs of certain species have been, and continue to be, collected for food. Some eggs are considered aphrodisiacs (aff-roh-DEE-zee-acks), substances that enhance sexual desire, in parts of the world. Adult gulls and terns are also sometimes hunted for food. Gulls and terns were sometimes used as a sign that land was nearby by sailors, and terns are still used to locate schools of fish. Because of their more remote tundra habitats, skuas and jaegers have interacted less with human beings.

Significance to humans

Amazonian Umbrellabird

Several indigenous tribes use cotinga feathers in their ornamentation. One of the most frequently seen groups is Cotinga, which is commonly represented in costumes of certain Amazonian tribes. Perhaps as many as 10-15 of artifacts have Cotinga feathers, although the most commonly used feathers are those of Psittacids (Ara and Amazona). During the late 1990s, cocks-of-the-rock were threatened due to demand of their feathers to make fishing flies. Additionally some species may be hunted incidentally as a protein source. The head and beard ornamentation of species such as Cephalopterus ornatus are sometimes seen in Amazonian riverboats, but the associated belief, whether aphrodisiac or mere folklore, is unknown.

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