Parakeets and Parrots Family Psittacidae

Noisy and gaudily colored. Compact, short-necked birds with stout, hooked bill. Parakeets smaller, with long, pointed tail. Feet zygodactyl (two toes fore, two aft). RANGE: Worldwide in Tropics and subtropics. Several exotic species have been released or have escaped, especially around Miami.

HONK PARAKEET Myiopsitta monachus Locally fairly common

(Argentina) 11 in. (28 cm). Paie gray face and chest, buff band across belly. Established in spots from CT to FL and west to II. and TX. Massive nest of sticks (only parrot to build a stick nest), with several compartments. Raucous calls. Comes to feeders.

GREEN PARAKEET Aratinga holochlora Locally established

10-12 in. (25-30 cm). Aratinga parakeets have long pointed tails, so are readily separable from chunkier square-tailed parrots. This, the largest (size of Mourning Dove), is green above, yellow-green below. voice: Sharp, squeaky notes, shrill noisy chatter, range and habitat: Tropical Mex. to s. Nicaragua. Resident populations established in some residential areas of s. Rio Grande Valley in TX.

RED-CROWNED PARROT Amazona vtridigenalis Locally established 12 in. (30 cm). Large, with red crown (reduced in first year), blue nape, red wing panels. Established in several southern cities, including Los Angeles, from introductions. S. TX residents may be from Mexican population.


(S. America) 12 in. (30 cm). Locally established on west coast of FL.

ROSE-RINGED PARAKEET Psittacula krameri

(Africa, India) 16 in. (41 cm). A few in suburbs on coastal slopes of s. CA. MITRED PARAKEET Aratinga mitrata

(S.America) 15 in. (38 cm). Found in Los Angeles area and s. FL.

WHITE-WINGED PARAKEET Brotogeris versicolurus Local

(S. America) 9 in. (23 cm). Locally established in Miami area. Now outnumbered by Yellow-chevroned Parakeet.

YELLOW-CHEVRONED PARAKEET Brotogeris chiriri (S. America) 9 in. (23 cm). Found in s. FL and CA.

BUDGERIGAR Melopsittacus undulatus Local

(Australia) 7 in. (18 cm). Variable. Usually green; a small minority may be blue, yellow, or white. Thousands were established along west coast of FL; lesser numbers on southeast coast of FL. Recent years have seen dramatic decline. Escapees seen in man) areas.


(Mex.) 12'/2-13'/2 in. (30-34 cm). Like first-year Red crowned but darker. Red forehead, lilac crown, longer tail. A few live in Los Angeles area and s. TX.


(Mex. and Belize) 14-15 in. (36-38 cm). Escapees found in several areas; established locally in Los Angeles region, also in s. FL and s. TX.

RED-LORED PARROT Amazonaautumnalis

(Cen. and S. America) 12-13 in. (30-33 cm). Small numbers seen in TX, CA, FL.


(Cen. America) 9-10 in. (23-25 cm). Found in small numbers in FLand CA.

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