Buteos Overhead

RED-TAILED HAWK Buteo jamaicensis p. 120

Dark patagial bar at fore edge of wing is best mark from below. Adult: Light chest, streaked belly (often forming belly band); tail plain, with hint of red and little or no banding. Immature: Streaked below, has light tail banding.

SWAINSON'S HAWK Buteo swainsoni p. 120

Adult: Dark breast-band. Long, pointed, two-toned wings. Immature: Similar, but has streaks on underbody.

RED-SHOULDERED HAWK Buteo ¡meatus p. 118

Adult: Tail strongly banded (white bands narrower than dark ones). Strongly barred with rusty coloring on body and underwing coverts. Immature: Chest and belly heavily streaked. Both immature and adult show light crescent "window" on outer wings, longish tail.

BROAD-WINGED HAWK Buteoplatypterus p. 118

Smaller and chunkier than Red-shouldered with shorter tail, more pointed wings. Adult: Widely banded tail (white bands wider); underwing pale with dark rear margin and tip.

Immature: Body usually streaked, tail narrowly banded. Pale underwings may show lighter "window" near wingtips when molting in first spring.

ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK Buteo lagopus p. 118

Note black carpal patch contrasting with white flight feathers. Broad, blackish band ("cummerbund") across belly is distinctive in female and immature. Tail light, with broad, dark subterminal band. Adult malt-darker chested, has multiple bands on tail, less bold belly patch.

Buteos are chunky, with broad wings and a broad, rounded tail. They soar and wheel high in the air.

Bird Which Has Round Wing
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